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You made a shape into the sand with your hands wrapped around your words
You looked me up, you looked me down, looked me inside, looked me out, oh what a curse
Upon giving you that shell I could not tell this was all the Devil's work
You took me in, said "let's begin, I want to watch as you burn"

You know that I am a weak man
You see the crutch in my heart
I follow your gaze for days on end
Follow you around just like a dog
You bathed me in black water
Knowing that I would never swim
Just a fool to myself for falling for another
Picking up the shells as the tide is coming in

I took a can from the shore, flicked off the mussels and called down the line
My blatant scream just echoed between the leaves and fall dead with the old magpie
I left my words with that sticky fingered bird in the hope she would fly
Toward the girl with all those pearls around her neck and all those diamonds in her eyes


from Bonehoof E​.​P, released February 9, 2013
Chris Lloyd - Songwriter/Lyrics
Music by Bonehoof
Bonehoof are...
Benji Coey - Drums
Geoff Howe - Bass Gtr/Vocals
Chris Lloyd - Gtr/Vocals
Jack Weyler - Keys



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Bonehoof Victoria, British Columbia

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