Bonehoof E​.​P

by Bonehoof

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released February 9, 2013

Recorded & produced by Arlen Thompson
Mastered by Adam Kittredge



all rights reserved


Bonehoof Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: Ballerina
Take off your coat ballerina and we can go the distance
and dance into the light
I've made another t.v dinner just like the one that you fell for on that first misty night

I'll do what I can here in my hard shell where nobody can tell that I need you
In the mushroom cloud that's pulling my heart down when you play for me and you dance in front of that mirror just like a ballerina

You said that nightmares were just for dreamers
I didn't think it meant us, I guess I'll put up with them all
I'll unlace that silky new dress, you heart in that blue dress doesn't feel so cold

In the morning when I pick up your bones
That's the only time that I feel alone
In the morning I will brush out your hair
Oh please stay with me my love tonight
and we can dance thru the dark and into the light
Track Name: Shells
You made a shape into the sand with your hands wrapped around your words
You looked me up, you looked me down, looked me inside, looked me out, oh what a curse
Upon giving you that shell I could not tell this was all the Devil's work
You took me in, said "let's begin, I want to watch as you burn"

You know that I am a weak man
You see the crutch in my heart
I follow your gaze for days on end
Follow you around just like a dog
You bathed me in black water
Knowing that I would never swim
Just a fool to myself for falling for another
Picking up the shells as the tide is coming in

I took a can from the shore, flicked off the mussels and called down the line
My blatant scream just echoed between the leaves and fall dead with the old magpie
I left my words with that sticky fingered bird in the hope she would fly
Toward the girl with all those pearls around her neck and all those diamonds in her eyes
Track Name: Slotcar
My breath unfolds out in front of my head like a silver rug
I'm wrapped up in clothes that I've outgrown as my brogues sink into the mud
I built you a slotcar with sticking wheels and flashing lights
You leave me alone now, a ghost on the road in the dead of the night

May God's love be with you

My brother dear, for thirty some odd years you bared your chest
Alone with your machine, a lighthouse in the sea of your own unrest
I built you a slot car with sticking wheels and flashing lights
You leave me alone now, a ghost on the road in the dead of the night

May God's love be with you

There is a song that lives on thru the morning
A white lily falls upon the box in which you sleep
For underground there ain't no sound but the calling
Of Angels as they cradle you in the dark and the deep
In the darkness and the deep
Track Name: Six Hours
I'm spending too much time drinking 2 for 1 cheap wine
and throwing cigarette butts from balconies
like throwing coins in to a well, I'm thinking to myself there is only a bottle left between
Six hours ago I was brave enough to show my beady eye thru the letterbox of your door
I live miles away, tonight I cannot stay, last time I spent it on the floor

It's not the right time to do this
I'm still not over what has been and gone
Now you need someone to hold you
Now I'm not that one, baby I'm not the one

I remember waiting for you outside the gates to our school and at seventeen we were still sucking our thumbs
We scratched just what we could into a desk of old grained wood
before we both got caught

All these silly tears they'll just melt your veneer
and trickle like slurred words back into a drink
Don't put them all outside, their bark is worse than bite
I shouldn't be around to help you think

Maybe I should go it's six hours home
Maybe I could wear my disguise
and climb up into the trees all above the factories
and put on my telescopic eyes
and watch you from afar thru my telescopic heart
burning unsent words you put in lines
Six hours before I came knocking at your door
were you burning those words of mine?
Track Name: Peggy Powler
I'm a hunter I'm a scavenger, the Devil's only one
Skin of scales and hair in tails, my eyes so deeply sunk
I'm the queen of the River Tees I'm a mistress of the murk
An evil wench with a sickly stench between the reeds I do lurk

They call me Peggy Powler, that's my name

I bite the legs of the children that come up to the shore
Line them up like lobster pots upon the rivers floor
I'll turn your child into a trout and forever be my slave
Bubbles jump from their open mouths as they sink to a watery grave